About Us

Why Choose JEMY Technologies:


  • 24 / 7 Monitoring & Security
  • Live Helpdesk via Skype & Remote assistance
  • On-Site IT Support Services
  • Dedicated  Teams per client account
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT Project Management

Our IT Experts are well trained and experienced to resolve all your IT challenges.

Why wait any longer? So call us now at 514-691-6376 or contact us at info@jemytechnologies.com

Meet the Founder


                   Jean Smail Origene

Jean is an entrepreneur with skills and experience in IT Network Management.

As the company’s technical visionary, Jean defines the company’s offering and educates clients on the future of internet of things aka IoT.

Who does not worry about data security?

In 2020 cybersecurity threats evolve so you need to know how well to mitigate against them.

Let our cybersecurity experts show you how to protect your assets against the those threats.