Culture of Change

Telecommute and or remote work, are an undoubtedly essential work method for modern businesses. In fact, the best employer would be one that prioritizes flexible working hours and telecommuting as one of the essential benefits of attracting and retaining the best candidates.  Unfortunately, up until now many business decision makers are reluctant to make the shift. Too bad for them! The good news we have for them: it is never too late to make such a turn. The time to revamp their strategic decisions is now.

This was me telecommuting during the global pandemic crisis of 2020

Protecting yourself against the corona virus pandemic

Since Tuesday, March 17, we have been confined to our home. Because in such an exceptional circumstance, we are required to follow the instructions of public health officials. Thus, we take shelter so as not to contaminate our colleagues at work if ever we are infected, doing so, we protect our family as well as our friends from contracting the deadly  Coronavirus.

The virus is so lethal, we must wear a mask, wash our hands regularly and obey the social distancing rules imposed by the Public health safety authorities.

Work remotely as IT Tech

I remember on March 17 how it was quite like a shock wave when we learned the news that we are going to have to work from home, for we must save the semester. In addition, the health system will be in urgent needs of more health professionals to help in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, Graduates of health programs must be able to collect their Diplomas at the end of this semester so they can fully integrate the system in this period of unprecedented health crisis.

There is no doubt that I was ready to take up the challenges of the moment. Yes indeed, I have already worked from home before I joined the team, so I am in a better position to coach my users. Briefly, we are referred by the name “first respondents”, as IT Tech, our basic tools such as CRM, Outlook, Teams, Zoom, telephone, etc., all these tools and many more enable us to accomplish our task remotely, hence the importance of versatility in this profession. The users, even those most troubled by this radical and abrupt change, feel reassured by our “virtual presence”, you heard it, no more walking straight to IT service Desk when things go wrong, unfortunately for those who always prefer that option in the first place.

Best IT professional advice of the day

I learned from my past experiences to always give 101% of my support services offered. This strategy works well.  When your users are educated, you will have less call back.

Hey guys, please educate your user!  Some of them really want to be autonomous. They want to know how to prevent small technical problems from reappearing.

Go the extra mile, you are not a robot.  Treat them with respect, then they will be your best assets.

Trust me, a tech best asset in IT industry is surely his educated users.

By Jean Smail Origene


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